Submission of Papers 

Any persons wishing to participate in the Scientific Programme, through an Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation (e-Poster) or Scientific Presentation (Video) related to the Congress subject matters are invited to submit the abstract of their paper, strictly adhering to the submission instructions.

The submitted abstracts will be assessed and grouped according to their subject.

The selected papers will be presented as Oral or Poster Presentations (e-Posters) or Scientific Presentations (Videos) and the relevant abstracts will be published in the electronic Volume of Abstracts (USB flash drive) to be distributed during the Congress.

Submission Deadline until 3 June 2018

Oral Presentations

Oral Presentations will be presented in sixty (60)-minute sessions. The presentation of each Oral Presentation will be of a total duration of seven (7) minutes, including the time required for the presentation of audio-visual material and the relevant discussion. The conference rooms will be equipped with a computer, a data projector and a display.

E-posters (Poster Presentations) 

The Poster Presentations (e-Posters) shall be presented at the 24th Pan-Hellenic Urology Congress electronically using ePostersLive, an innovative user-friendly platform that simplifies the abstract submission procedure for authors.
Check here for more information.

In addition to simple posting, a number of e-Posters will be selected for a short oral presentation (3 minutes, 3-5 slides) in special sessions according to the agenda.

Scientific Presentations (Videos) 

The duration of the videos must not exceed six (6) minutes. Three (3) minutes shall be provided for a subsequent discussion.

Thematic Sessions  

  • Andrology (Sub-Fertility and Reproduction – Erectile Dysfunction)
  • Male Incontinence
  • Imaging Methods in Urology
  • Geriatric Urology
  • Neurourology – Urodynamics
  • Endourology – Laparoscopic and Robotic Urology Surgery
  • Urology Training
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Complications of Urology Surgery
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Urinary System Injuries
  • Urinary Lithiasis – Genitourinary System Infections
  • Transplants
  • Genitourinary Oncology
  • Urogynaecology
  • Paediatric Urology
  • Various

Awards for Papers 

The Scientific Committee will grant Awards to the best paper in each category (Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, Scientific Presentations – Video).
The authors of the papers submitted for awards will be informed on the assessment results by 31 August 2018.

Κατηγορία Βραβείο Educational Grand
Oral 1st Award € 1.500 Kindly supported by the company Rafarm
Oral 2nd Award € 1.000
Oral 3rd Award € 500
Poster 1st Award € 1.500 Kindly supported by the company Rafarm
Poster 2nd Award € 1.000
Poster 3rd Award € 500
Video 1st Award € 1.500  
Video 2nd Award € 1.000  
Video 3rd Award € 500

Any authors that wish to have their paper assessed for awards must state so during the submission process, filling in the relevant field in the on-line system.  After the abstract has been submitted, they must also send their work as a complete Scientific Paper, in PDF format, via e-mail using the address, with the indication “TO BE CONSIDERED FOR AWARDS”.

Please note! For a paper to be eligible for assessment for an award, it is a prerequisite that the author(s) have agreed in advance that the article shall be published in the official H.U.A. publication “Hellenic Urology”.

Abstract Submission Method

Abstracts can only be submitted electronically through the official Congress website and the on-line system. Abstracts sent via fax or post shall not be eligible for assessment.

Please read the submission instructions carefully before proceeding.

Please click here to submit your abstract.

Submission Instructions

Please read carefully the following instructions before submitting your abstract:

  • The title of the abstract shall be written in lowercase characters.
  • The names of the authors shall be stated in the nominative case, in capitalised form (capital first letter) and full version of the name.
  • It is mandatory to state the workplace or academic body of the authors, as well as their city, in capitalised form. Any references to exact addresses (street, number, post code) are not required and, if present, shall be deleted for uniformity purposes. The aforementioned data shall be presented in ascending order according to the order of appearance of the authors’ names and they shall be matched using indices.
  • The abstract must be structured as follows:





The above titles shall be written in capital letters.

  • The length of the abstract must not exceed 400 words.
  • The submitting author will be able to make changes in the abstract through the on-line system only if the abstract is in “Draft” form, until the abstract submission deadline. After said deadline, the system will be locked and any abstracts that have not been “Submitted” but instead remain in “Draft” form will not be considered.
  • The submitted abstracts will be forwarded to the Congress Scientific Committee to be assessed. The submitting author of the paper will be automatically notified by the system regarding the paper’s successful submission.
  • After the submission deadline, any corrections or changes can only be accepted with the consent of the Assessment Committee.
  • No author may present more than three (3) papers.
  • The submitting author must state the preferred presentation format as well as the preferred thematic session during the on-line submission of the abstract.
  • The Scientific Committee reserves the right to propose a different presentation format and/or thematic session for the abstract. The submitting author will receive the relevant notification after the end of the assessment process.
  • The acceptance or rejection of your paper by the Scientific Committee will be announced to the presenting author by 10 July 2018. If you have not received a reply by that date, please contact the Secretariat at telephone number 210 7414700. The interested parties will receive a timely notification regarding the format, date and time of presentation of their paper.
    NOTE: The authors whose papers (Oral, Posters, Videos) are accepted by the Scientific Committee of the 24th Pan-Hellenic Urology Congress are obliged to present them during the Congress. 
  • A prerequisite for the acceptance of an abstract to be presented during the Congress is the timely payment of the participation fee of the presenting author. In the event where the same author will be presenting more than one paper, the participation fee must be paid by another one of its authors.
  • The timely submission of the abstracts is also a prerequisite for their acceptance. Any paper that does not comply with all of the above requirements will not be accepted.

For any information regarding your submission, please contact the Abstract Submission Secretariat, Erasmus S.A., at the e-mail address or the telephone number 210-7414700.